Small bag packing machine

Small pouch packing machine

Model MKI 211

The MK-211 series is a fully pneumatic vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) packaging machine designed to pack free flowing powders and granular products in sachets.

It is used for packing variety of applications ranging from Free flowing powders, granules, pulses, beans, tea, rice, salt, herbs,  grains, tobacco, sugar, detergent powder, agricultural and pharmaceutical.

  • Touch screen HMI controls
  • PLC (Programmable Logic control) Based
  • Brake motor mechanism used for laminated material pulling Motor for unwinding assembly
  • Integrated PID temperature controlled for precise temperature control 
  • Mild steel to construct the machine body and complete covering in SS 304 Stainless steel
  • Clap type sealing jaws used for horizontal sealing
  • Pneumatically activated jaws for side sealing or vertical sealing
  • Batch cutter assembly used for perforation and batch cutting 
  • Castor wheels provided for easy movement of machine

Affordable small Form Fill Seal Machine for pouch packing

Best vffs machine loaded with standard features like recipe selection,  servo driven draw down belts, air shaft unwinder to facilitate quick change of laminated rolls, toolless changeover for change parts. 

vertical sealing
pull rollers
horizontal sealing
bag former chute

Easy integration with filling systems


Cup filler

Free flowing powders, Granules, Pulses, Beans, Detergents, Tea, Coffee Seeds, Sugar, Rice etc.

linear-weigher 2 head

2 and 4 head Weigh Filler

Rice, Pulses, Tea, Coffee Beans, Candies/Toffees, Tablets, Cashew nuts, Potato/Banana Wafers, Snack Foods, Namkeen, Dried Fruits, Pasta Pieces, Sugar, etc.

Paste Filler

semi viscous paste like tomato ketchup, caramel paste, mayonnaise, salad dressing, ginger paste. garlic paste. etc.

Bag Formats


Pillow bag


4 side seal bag


3 side seal bag


Chained bags

Technical Data

Filling Capacity5g to 200g for granulated and solid products, 3ml to 100ml for liquid and semi viscous pastes
Maximum Pouch Width120 mm (additional size upon request)
Product to be PackedFree Flowing powders, graulated products, solid products, liquids and semi viscous products
Sealing Stylecenter sealed pillow pack, 3 side sealing and 4 side sealing pouch
Speedup to 35 pouches per minute (speed may vary as per product characteristics, volume and flow ability)
Machine operationAutomatic and sealing jaws pneumatically operated
Power consumption2.5 KW
Machine weight200 kgs

Small packing machine

Vertical form, fill, seal machines are extremely flexible machines. Widely ranging products can be packed efficiently and effectively, and can be attractively presented – from your daily coffee to hand-crafted tortellini, from a selection of fresh vegetables to frozen shrimp. And of course, insecticides, detergents are also packed in bags